We Are Here To Serve You

  • PondScape LLC has been in the water garden business since 1997 and operates a full time service and installation crew, worldwide web store, wholesale and contractor services and a full service walk-in retail location.

  • PondScape LLC has been recognized year after year by many major manufacturers as some of their largest dealers/distributors or fastest growing.

  • Our crews have installed water features coast to coast including Canada and Mexico. Our customers range from well known Las Vegas Casinos and vacation resorts to the everyday backyard hobbyist.

  • With our combined experience of over 35 years, we can assist in any project big or small.

Our Specialties Include

New Installations
Streams & Waterfalls
Liner Ponds
Earthened Ponds
Pond Maintenance
Fountains & Aeration
Koi Fish & Aquatic Plants

     PondScape was founded on the love of turtles and koi ponds.  PondScape is a company who promotes the creation of balanced ecosystems to help bring people back into nature.  PondScape strives to achieve total balance in a pond to keep the maintenance to a minimum.  With years of experience in both liner and natural bottom ponds, we are able to welcome people into the water garden industry and help in getting their feet wet!  Our goal is to be America’s #1 supplier for all pond and waterfall related products.  We are building the total destination location for all of our local customers so that we can help them learn.  We will do everything that we can to make sure that the customer is happy with their water feature, and, that they are getting the chance to relax!

     PondScape strongly believes that obtaining a natural and balanced ecosystem is one of the best things that can be done to promote a healthy green living space for all of the local frogs, birds, etc.  We sincerely believe that having a water garden helps to promote peace and relaxation for anyone.  We strongly believe that everybody wants a pond, they just don’t know if yet.  PondScape strives for superior customer service and absolute integrity of the products that PondScape offers online and in the retail store.

     We only promise one thing: To make you into a customer and keep you as our customer for life.