PondScape LLC Customer Approval Form

The purpose of this form is to show the customer is satisfied with the job listed. Any manufacturer’s warranties are valid as of the below date based on that written warranty. Customer agrees to release PondScape and ANY/ALL of its laborers, mechanics, subcontractors or overall workers of any future responsibilities of the job listed with exception to the instances listed below.

  • YOUR WARRANTY BEGINS NOW. Most products purchased from PondScape carry a manufacturer's warranty. The customer listed on this form has the right to contact the manufacturer directly for any warranty.
  • WE CAN HELP. PondScape may act as a middle-man as a customer-service to handle manufacturers' warranty claims ONLY with the completion of this form. Those warranties begin on the date this form is signed. All warranties are void if another company or person performs work directly in or around the pond or water feature area for any reason what-so-ever.
  • PondScape offers a one year workmanship warranty for any FULLY CONSTRUCTED WATER FEATURE. This warranty will cover any service calls and fees resulting from, or the result of, poor workmanship or incorrectly installed components based on manufacturer specifications.
  • LABOR WILL BE CHARGED FOR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY WORK. Manufacturer warranties cover materials only. After job completion, defined by the date this form is signed, PondScape shall charge the normal hourly fee plus the standard service/call-out charge for any return visits.

Due to erosion, weather, acts of God and other factors, rocks may shift or settle causing undesired splashing, leakage or low lying liner areas. After the first year, PondScape will charge the nominal labor fee for such repair work. The customer should refer to his owner’s manual or the PondScape website troubleshooting areas before contacting PondScape for repairs. All warranty work will be charged a labor fee. Any liner leaks will be repaired or replaced under manufacturer’s warranty for materials only.

ONLY MATERIALS WILL BE COVERED BY MANUFACTURERS' WARRANTIES. No manufacturer reimburses us for our labor/time to handle their written warranties.

PONDSCAPE POLICY FOR ANY WARRANTY WORK WHATSOEVER: A service call form is required to be completed by the customer any time PondScape is to set up service. The digital form requires a valid credit card. Your credit card WILL be charged the estimated service call charge and labor for the repair in order to proceed to our scheduling pipeline. After completion of the service, if the service was to cover an item under manufacturer's warranty, PondScape agrees to refund your credit card for the warranted item. Labor and any related fees will not be refunded. PondScape will refund any labor charges only if the issue is covered under our 1st year workmanship warranty due to poor workmanship or incorrectly installed components.

PondScape will never perform a service call of any sort without the prepaid service call process as listed above. 


  All of the above information has been personally explained to me by a member of PondScape either verbally in person, by phone or by email. I agree and understand the terms as listed.


Ask your representative for your free gift from all of us at PondScape after the completion of this form. We truly appreciate your business.


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