So, You Are Interested in a Water Feature…

What’s the First Step?

1. Choose: Free Estimate -or- Paid Design Consultation? What’s best for me…

FREE QUOTES- We offer free quotes for several different services. Free quotes are given for koi pond maintenance contracts, lake maintenance contracts, lake fountains, lake aerators, general pricing ideas and existing pond customers. For a free estimate, you will fill out a form online and upload several photos. A foreman will review your information and work up a job quote based on the information you provide. There is no fee for this service. You can also stop in to our retail store and speak with us in person.  Free quotes take a few days and we’ll get back to you with an estimated cost and info. We do not offer free estimates for new construction (new water features). New construction should use the Design Consultation.

To sign up for a FREE QUOTE please click here… FREE QUOTES

DESIGN CONSULTATION- During a Design Consult, a foreman will visit your property at a time that best suits your schedule, including nights and weekends. During this process we will educate you on how our systems work, maintenance, upkeep and value as well as any myths and answer any questions you may have. After completing the online form, you’ll receive several “idea packets” displaying the best water features around and giving you a brief education and overview of what to expect from your new water feature and how it works! Our foreman will generally stay as long as needed during your appointment to hear all of your “wants” and help you decide all of your “needs”. We typically generate an exact price for the job within 48 hours and a detailed list of the components needed. In certain instances we can mark the proposed shape on the ground with marking paint and provide CAD drawings for commercial and larger jobs. There is a charge for the Design Consultation service but the base fee for this service is refunded once the job is purchased.

For more details, pricing and to sign up, please click here… DESIGN CONSULTATION SIGN UP

What PondScape Customers Say

Pondscape helped me create a traditional Japanese style backyard pond. I can’t thank them enough for their advice and support!

Hiroko Ata

Needed a pond liner for my old pond and found one with Pondscape. Thanks guys!


I couldn’t get my green water clear!!  PondScape told me to try their custom made product called PULSE!  THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!  MY POND WAS CLEAR IN 2 DAYS!!

John W.

I had an undetectable leak in my koi pond.  PondScape came to my house and located and fixed my leak in no time!  I will DEFINITELY use PondScape for all of my service needs!

Mary J.

PondScape was great with helping me diagnose the algae problem in my pond and how to remedy it.  I am very pleased with PondScapes service

Bill R.

I couldn’t figure out what pump I had.  PondScape was very patient with me and helped me determine what pump I had and needed a replacement for.  I have received the pump and it is working perfectly!  THANK YOU PONDSCAPE, MY FISH ARE SO HAPPY THAT THEIR WATERFALL IS RUNNING AGAIN!

Marty M

I needed more fish for my pond.  I went to PondScape retail location to see if they had any fish!  WOW!!!  They have a massive selection of fish for my pond.  I spent an hour looking at all of the fish available.  It was so hard to decide, they had such a large and impressive selection of fish!  They told me all about their filtration system and how they treat all of their fish before they are even sold!  THIS PLACE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  THANK YOU!  My new fish are already eating and swimming with the others!!

Carol H

I love PondScapes new store, and, their huge selection of products, fish, & plants!

Lewis Mc.

I needed a good bacteria for my pond.  PondScape told me to try out their own product Pulse.  I was hesitant to use it in my pond because I always use something else.  I am SOOO HAPPY I tried Pulse!  It is a miracle product!  My pond is crystal clear and I couldn’t be happier!

Karen M

I had PondScape out to my house to inspect my pond for services needed.  They were honest and very helpful.  They told me everything that was in need of attention, and gave me options to do the services in steps to help me out financially.  I am very happy I called them!  Stick with the Professionals!

Helen P