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What IS a "Service Call" ?

  • A service call is scheduled for any visit to your property with the exception of Spring Cleanouts, Fall Prep or Winter Shutdown services. This service call will not include any sort of cleaning of your pond or filters. Schedule a CLEANOUT if you wish to have the pond cleaned. For detailed leak repairs, please use the "Step-by-Step Leak Diagnosis Form".

Terms and Conditions

  • If we are diagnosing leaks: It may be difficult to diagnose ALL leaks or problems within one service call. We may find and fix a leak or multiple leaks but there may be several other leak points or factors that could be unnoticeable until the first problem(s) are fixed. These issues will require a separate service call and separate fees.
  • Warranty issues cover materials only. Manufacturer warranties do not cover the cost of labor, service call fees or shipping and will be billed accordingly.
  • We do not guarantee any work performed on ANY water feature unless we installed the entire system.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to have any needed pond supplies sitting near the pond in plain view for our crews to use upon arrival. Our crews may decline to use certain supplies that were not purchased from PondScape or any supplies they feel uncomfortable using. In this situation, customer allows PondScape to use products of our choice and bill accordingly unless otherwise specified on this form.
  • Although our crews are extremely cautious while handling your fish and livestock, PondScape, its employees and any affiliates will not be held responsible for any death or disease, including parasites within your pond or fish as well as any damage to the surrounding landscape. We will take every precaution possible to insure the safety of your fish and pond.
  • Customer authorizes PondScape to charge $150+tx to your credit card if this service is canceled by the customer and not rescheduled within 7 days. This fee is also applied if our crews arrive to find the area inaccessible or no usable water outlet / electrical outlet, or if there is a leaf cover net installed.
  • Our crews will not call before service. You will receive a notification by email with a date for the service. Schedules are created every Friday for service requests received the week prior. Service dates are tentavie and not guaranteed due to weather, scheduling situations and other unforeseen factors. We will email and attempt to call to reschedule the earliest date possible if we are forced to cancel your service date. You will not be sent to the back of the list. For call-ahead or special scheduling, see notes under payment section.

Payment and billing information

  • An invoice will be generated and will require full payment to secure a scheduled service date for jobs under $5000. A custom contract is prepared for jobs over this amount. A valid credit card must be kept on file until completion of job and account paid in full. After servicing your pond, you will be billed by mail or email with 14 days payment terms for any remaining balance. If you wish to use the existing credit card for full payment or if another form of payment is not received, your card will be charged on day #15 for the invoice’s remaining balance (if any).
  • Our minimum service call fee is $150+tx. Travel time of $75 per man hour to and from will be added to areas outside of 20 mile radius.
  • Signing this form signifies that signer is the property owner or is authorized to make decisions for the property owner. The signer of this form gives his/her personal guarantee to pay all charges incurred with this service call including but not limited to finance charges of 2% monthly or $5 (whichever is greater), collections by a court of law as well as any fees charged by our outside collection agency.

Do you require water to be hauled in? $450 charge. This fee covers the cost of the water, truck delivery, special scheduling changes needed and other associated costs. This fee is non-deductible for any service that requires water to be trucked in regardless of the water supply company used.

Do you require special scheduling? $75 additional charge. Select YES if you must be on site during the job and require a set time / date.


Please fill out credit card information here. Jobs will not be scheduled without a valid credit card number. VISA, MC, Discover will need the 3 digit  cvv code on the back of the card. American Express uses the 4 digit code on the front. 

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