Pond Clean Out Request Form


Services Performed during your Annual Pond Cleanout :

  • Drain and power wash pond- Remove fish to holding bins- Manually remove debris- Check pumps- Rinse any salvageable filter pads- Clean off any light fixtures- Attempt to replace fallen rocks and gravel & cover any exposed liner with existing gravel- Refill partially, dechlorinate and reintroduce fish and frogs- Cut back any overgrown aquatic plants- Install any add on items listed below- Muck vacuum when applicable.

Things we DO NOT do during your Cleanout :

  • We cannot diagnose leak issues during your cleanout. The system must be operating with full water level to diagnose leaks. These issues will require a separate service call.
  • We do not haul away excessive waste material. Pond-cover netting will be left on-site and any excessive waste will be left on site in heavy duty garbage bags for the customer to dispose of properly.
  • We will not use power washers on any bare liner, damaged liner, liners not completely covered with rocks and gravel or any membrane/liner that our crews feel may be damaged by the high pressure. A simple garden hose nozzle will be used with standard water pressure in any of these instances.
  • We do not replace light bulbs. PondScape only installs sealed/potted LED high quality fixtures. If your lights were purchased from us and are defective under warranty, we will attempt to replace the light during the cleanout at no additional cost. This is a courtesy service and may be limited to products stocked on our trucks and ease of accessibility and repair without delaying time efficiency. Please understand that repairing or replacing products under manufacturer warranties normally always incur labor charges. We will do our best to accommodate these repairs during the cleanout process at no additional charge.

Terms and Conditions

  •  To help keep your cost down, we will not wait around for your pond to fill. It will be dechlorinated for the total water volume and filled to a safe but temporary level for your fish. Customer must top-off the pond and plug in any pumps and filters to ensure fish health. 
  • We cannot diagnose or repair leak issues during your cleanout.  Many factors can contribute to new leaks. Although our crews arrived to do a cleanout, this does not deem them responsible for a new leak that may have been developing during the off season. Regardless if the pond was left running for the winter season or turned off, leak issues will require a separate service call and a separate charge even if the leak was noticed immediately after your service. The customer understands and agrees to this.
  • We do not guarantee any work performed on ANY water feature unless we installed the entire system.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to have any needed pond supplies sitting near the pond in plain view for our crews to use upon arrival. Our crews may decline to use certain supplies that were not purchased from PondScape or any supplies they feel uncomfortable using. In this situation, customer allows PondScape to use products of our choice and bill accordingly unless otherwise specified on this form.
  • Although our crews are extremely cautious while handling your fish and livestock, PondScape, its employees and any affiliates will not be held responsible for any death or disease, including parasites within your pond or fish as well as any damage to the surrounding landscape. We will take every precaution possible to insure the safety of your fish and pond.
  •  PREPAID cleanout charges are NON-REFUNDABLE even if cancelled. 
  • We will remove debris, sludge and muck from your pond and dispose of up to 30 gallons of volume at no additional charge. Each additional heavy duty garbage bag (33 gallons) of waste removed from your pond during the cleanout process will incur extra charges of $75 per bag and will be left on site in heavy duty garbage bags for the customer to dispose of properly. Customer authorizes to allow PondScape to charge credit card listed for these additional fees.
  • No work will be performed if the area is inaccessible or no usable water outlet / electrical outlet, or if there is a leaf cover net installed. The base fee of $199tx plus any applicable travel time will be charged in addition to the original payment once rescheduled. 
  • Our crews will not call before service. You will receive a notification by email with a date for the service. Schedules are created every Friday for service requests received the week prior. Service dates are tentative and not guaranteed due to weather, scheduling situations and other unforeseen factors. We will email and attempt to call to reschedule the earliest date possible if we are forced to cancel your service date. You will not be sent to the back of the list. For call-ahead or special scheduling, see notes under payment section.
  • Your credit card will immediately be charged the full cleanout price (as well as travel charges if applicable) and any other preordered services or products shown on this form. A second charge will be placed on your card after the job is completed for any other charges authorized on this form. A detailed invoice will be emailed to you. OEM white Skimmer filter pads (up to 1) and dechlorinator are included FREE.
  • Prepaid cleanouts are pre-qualified by PondScape based on expected costs from previous season. Standard cleanout pricing: up to 8’x11’x2’d pond= $449, up to 11’x16’x2’d pond= $659, up to 16’x21’x3’d pond= $1079. Larger sizes and new customers will be custom quoted before charging your credit card. Should our crew arrive to find a pond size greater than the dimensions the customer was originally charged for, the customer authorizes PondScape to charge the credit card listed for the difference in cost as stated above.
  • I understand PondScape's billing for this service is based on pond size and travel time. I also understand that the prices above are for local service area only and additional travel charges will be added to the following service areas:
    To view or better understand service areas, please see OHIO LOCATION COVERAGE MAP or FLORIDA COVERAGE MAP
  • Signing this form signifies that signer is the property owner or is authorized to make decisions for the property owner. The signer of this form gives his/her personal guarantee to pay all charges incurred with this service including but not limited to finance charges of 2% monthly or $5 (whichever is greater), collections by a court of law as well as any fees charged by an outside collection agency.


IMPORTANT Select your cleanout service type

Do you require water to be hauled in? $550 charge. This fee covers the cost of the water, truck delivery, special scheduling changes needed and other associated costs. This fee is non-deductible for any service that requires water to be trucked in regardless of the water supply company used.

Early Bird scheduling and/or speical request scheduling:

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