Mia Prensky Change Order #1

Official change order specifications: "PondScape shall furnish 3 Sewage Transfer Pumps as listed on change order invoice 7141. PondScape shall furnish a custom constructed NEMA certified outdoor electrical control panel. PondScape shall credit back to the customer the price of 4 Aquascape SLD 5000-9000 Pumps and 5 Aquascape Powerheads. The customer agrees to have appropriate eclectic installed to this custom panel within a timely manner as to power the system before completion. The change order invoice 7141 shall be bound to this signed change order and the existing contract. Invoice 7141 specifies in detail the new charges and any credits issued to the customer."

The purpose of this change order is to change or add-to the original contractual agreement between PondScape LLC and "The Customer" as listed above. Both parties agree to the terms listed above. This change order shall be accepted as an addendum to the existing contract. Any previous agreements remain in full in respect to the addition of this change order now becoming part of the contractual agreement between both parties.

Any additional payments / costs incurred by this change order are due in full immediately as outlined above.


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Signed by PondScape Support
Signed On: October 11, 2022

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