Pond Lighting

Ponds and water features are transformed at night with the addition of underwater lighting. Mesmerizing night time displays are created with the illumination of moving water in a pond or water feature.

 The enjoyment of any water feature is extended with the use of underwater lighting. EasyPro underwater lighting is designed to offer professional grade fixtures with excellent durability and outstanding performance. EasyPro offers a variety of underwater lighting fixtures including halogen, LED and fiber optic lighting. Traditional halogen options feature economical light fixtures with excellent performance and versatility. LED fixtures offer long life, energy efficiency with very bright illumination and multiple options. Fiber optic systems provide beautiful, color changing effects with multiple lights run from a single shore mounted illuminator box.  A full line of low voltage transformers for landscape and underwater lighting is available from 10 watt to 300 watt units.

Installing & Maintaining Lighting

Adding pond lights is a great way to bring your water garden or feature to life after dark. It adds a focal point in your nighttime landscape and lets you enjoy your pond once the sun goes down.

Water and electricity are generally not compatible, so before you select your pond lights make sure they are designed with waterproof seals so they can be used in or out of the water and check your weatherproof power supply. Your outlet should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), if not contact a professional and have one installed. Next, measure the distance for your outlet to the desired location to make sure the power cord will be long enough.


The vast majority of pond lights will use 12-volt power and will usually come with their own in the package. 12-Volt is much easier and safer to work with then standard 115v power. However, if the lights you selected do not come with one keep in mind the number of lights you will be using and how many watts each light consumes.

Choosing the right lights

There are many options when it comes to outdoor lighting from halogen and LED lights, white or colored lighting and lights that are designed for your landscape or water features.

Installing lighting

Now that you have selected the lights and checked your power supply it is time to install them. Underwater lighting is best installed when your pond is empty, like while it is being constructed or – in most cases – while you are doing your annual spring clean-out. However, if you cannot wait, you may want to consider an installation without submerged lights.

Position the pond lights so they are facing the pond or place them under the waterfall but away from the viewing area so visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lights without getting blinded. Once the light is in place use your existing plants or rocks to hide the cord, but remember to wrap some excess cord around the light so you can easily pull it out of the water when it is time to do some maintenance.

Photocells & Timers

If the lights selected came with a photocell, be sure to keep the photocell out of the water and into an area where it will not be covered up on windy days from bushes or other plants. The photocell detects darkness allowing the lights to turn on without having to flip a switch and they will turn off at dawn. For light sets that do not come with a photocell or if you only want