Pressure Filters

OASE FiltoClear Pressure Filters are Unlike flow-through filters, pressure filters route the pump pressure through the filter. They can also be used below level of the water surface. Consequently, they are used for higher-elevated watercourses or other water features, adjacent to which they can be buried in the ground and thus not impair the natural appearance of the garden. This makes the closed system of the filter possible, which is ensured by the quick-release closure. The cleaning processes function according to the same principal as flow-through filter and thus, with a filter that is appropriately dimensioned for the pond size, likewise offer a good basis for optimally filtered water. Thanks to the patented cleaning system, cleaning the filter is just as easy as it is tidy. A suitable UVC clarifier as guarantor for clear water is already integrated in these systems. Ideal for ponds up to 30,000 litres