PondTint is a non-toxic pond dye designed to help keep water sparkling clean and cool. PondTint provides a protective shield for pond water to keep unwanted clarity problems from arising in water gardens, ponds and lakes.

Tints Water Brilliant Blue

Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals

CrystalClear PondTint Application Rates
Pond Size (gallons) Dose
1,000 gallons 1 oz.
2,000 gallons 2 oz.
4,000 gallons 4 oz.
8,000 gallons 8 oz.
16,000 gallons 16 oz.
32,000 gallons 32 oz.
64,000 gallons 64 oz.
Routine Application Rate
Add until desired color is achieved, reapply as needed.

Persistent Problem Application Rate
Do a 20% water change and re-apply. If problems continue ask a CrystalClear professional about additional treatments such as an EcoPack.

For Best Results
Apply to an area of the pond with the most water flow for proper dispersion of the product.

Product Notices
Do not use where chlorine is present.