GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria is comprised of 68 powerful strains of beneficial bacteria. This unique product is designed to bring pond water back into balance while helping fish and aquatic life flourish in a heathy environment. Using GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria greatly reduces the need for water changes.
GreenClean Liquid Bacteria is a concentrated microbial liquid algaecide/bactericide that is specially formulated to purify ponds and lakes from a wide variety of contaminants that affect water quality and clarity.

Odor free
Reduces the need for water changes
Creates a stable environment for aquatic life
All-natural formulation
Treats up to 64,000 gallons
Highly concentrated
Odor free
Comprised of 68 strains of beneficial bacterial for faster activation
Contains micronutrients and stimulants designed to reduce ammonia, nitrates and phosphates