Pond underlayment protects the pond liner from sharp objects and may even discourage damage from some burrowing animals. A must for every pond installation!

* Pond underlayment protects pond liner against punctures and tears
* Durable, clean, and safe material to install under your pond liner
* Non-woven needle punched fiber underlayment helps extend the life of your pond

Non-woven needle punched 4 oz fabric underlayment provides the first line of defense against liner puncture and tears. Place under pond liner during pond construction as a barrier against rocks or roots to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. Also cushions the pond wall for fish. Easy to use and installs in minutes. Use instead of cardboard, newspapers, or old carpet padding to help extend the life of your pond liner.

• Helps prevent holes and leaks in liner
• Provides a stable and lasting foundation
• Can be used in any type of pond
• Environmentally-safe
• Virtually indestructible
• Helps extend the life of your pond

How to Calculate Underlayment Size: To determine the necessary dimensions for the underlayment, start with the desired length, width, and depth of your pond. Then add twice the desired maximum depth to both the length and width. Include an additional 1-1/2 to 2 feet to each of these figures to provide enough overlap.

For example: For a finished pond that measures 7′ long x 7′ wide x 1 1/2 ft deep, you’ll need a 12′ x 12′ piece of underlayment.
7 ft (length) + 3 ft (depth x2) + additional 2 ft = 12 ft Length
7 ft (width) + 3 ft (depth x2) + additional 2 ft = 12 ft Width

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